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Adam Abernethy SEOMy name is Adam Abernethy. I fix old websites, create brand new websites and rank websites on the first page of Google. I help with Social Media and assist business owners in taking advantage of ways to promote their business and brand. In fact I am a Best Selling Author on Amazon on the subject of Platform Marketing.

I have been building and ranking websites since before Google was Google! I do the work first hand and don’t farm out your project overseas to some foreign SEO or website company. I live and work in Southern California, currently on the shores of Lake Elsinore. If I can help you, even if you need some friendly advice search-engine-optimizationor questions answered, Please contact me, I am always happy to help fellow business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Heathcare and Professional Leads

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Update and Modernize Your Website

When customers see an old site they leave as fast as they can. Updating your site is easier than you may think!

Your Site Needs to Be Responsive.

A reponsive website responds to the size of the users screen and looks good while being easy to use on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

First Page Google Rankings

Search Enging Optimization has become more complex, but I keep up with the changes and rank my clients to improve thier businesses.

Be Street Smart

Make your site user friendly and make it easy for your visitor to take the next step – Make an appointment, get a quote or visit your location.

Never Need a Webmaster Again!

I build most of my sites so a business owners can easily make changes or add to it without having to chase down a webmaster.

Platform Marketing

Take advantage of billion dollar platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Amazon and even Itunes to promote your business and gain authority in your field.

You Could Have A New Website In As Little As 48 Hours From Right Now!

Lets’s take a look at your project togther and see what we can do.

After having Adam at Street Smart build my first site and get me on the first page of Google, I’ve ordered several more sites targeting different cities. Everything is working out very well for me now!


General Contractor

After trying to work with a programmer to build a new site and waiting 4 months, Adam offered to take over and had a great site up in 48 hours at a fraction of the cost. I get new patients from that site every week. D.S.

Medical Professional - Psychiatrist

Not only do I rank for my main keywords, but often take several spots on the first page. It brings in business, so I’ve been a Street Smart client for years and I’m not going anywhere!


Wood Restoration

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Some Street Smart Elements

Street Smart Is Common Sense

I often come across sites that are missing some simple elements that could have a huge impact on a succesful website. The good news is these are often easy to fix.

Google’s Ranking Secret

Many of the “elusive secrets ” to ranking on the first page of Google are simply making a good site that is good for the user. There’s more to it  than that, but Street Smart sites can rank very well!

Let’s Work Together

I ‘ve worked with and consutled with many business owners and professionals with great results. Call me and we can go over your project and see how we can work together.

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