Beware!… or at least be aware of One Price Fits All Pricing. Each task, especially Search Engine Optimization, has different factors that affect the time and effort it takes to complete.

 You Will Appreciate Your Price Quote

I work independently and do not have the overhead a large call center has so I can generally charge about half of what an “SEO company” might charge.

Many of the SEO companies are really only sales organizations that were selling mortgages a couple years ago and credit card machines before that. The sales rep may actually know very little about the work you pay them for.

When a client speaks with me, they are not speaking to a telemarketer. I have many years in this field and have seen (and fixed) just about every kind of situation.

I will quote you a real price so you know exactly what it will take to get the results you want. If you have shopped around a bit you have already been quoted much more by someone who doesn’t fully understand or has ever done the work.

I always prefer to quote a fair price upfront to help make your decision to work with me easy.

Call me and we and go over what you need. Sometimes I can quote you a price right then and other times I may need to check a few things, like your competitor’s sites, and get back to you usually within the same day.